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Who we are?

Toolpoint is a Life-Science-Cluster, founded in Switzerland with the objective to promote innovation and further the business in the Life-Science-Tool-Branch. Members are producers and suppliers providing solutions and products in the area of lab automation, in vitro bio diagnostics and analyses.

What services does Toolpoint offer?

Toolpoint operates as a typical cluster providing in various areas the following target oriented services: cluster development, education and training, commercial cooperation , policy action & interest representation, as well as research and networking.

What is the value added generated by Toolpoint?

We act as an intermediary with the implication of benefits accruing to the member companies contributing to the cluster activities. Through our mediation we bring together member companies and, hence, support exchange and innovation within the organisation.

As a vertical industry cluster we cover the entire value added chain beginning with academia, through suppliers, the Toolpoint core-members, all the way to clients and markets, thus connecting the industry with academia and as a consequence raising the competitiveness of the member companies,  of whom all are entrepreneurial, experienced innovators, intimate with the needs of the branch.

How to become a Toolpoint member?

All firms producing or developing solutions and equipment in the field of Lab Automation, In Vitro Bio Diagnostics and Analytics located in Switzerland or neighbouring countries, as well as suppliers of products and know-how for the Life-Science-Tool-Branch are eligible to apply for membership.

For further information and questions regarding Toolpoint membership send and e mail to info@toolpoint.ch or contact directly:

Hans Noser, CEO Toolpoint
E-Mail: hans.noser@toolpoint.ch
Tel: +41 79 300 12 32

Calender 2018

Verein Toolpoint for Lab Science, c/o Unitreva AG, Gewerbestrasse 12, CH-8132 Egg
Office Winterthur, St. Gallerstrasse 57, CH-8400 Winterthur | info@toolpoint.ch