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About us

Toolpoint for Lab Science is a vertical integrated cluster, which combines the knowhow and ability of the lab automation industry in Europe. The cluster was founded 14 years ago by companies of the „Greater Zurich Area" and combines today industry, universities, institutions and partners, which share the same goal of making processes in and around the laboratory more efficient and effective.

The clients of the member companies work all in the lab science industry or medicine. The field of equipment, IT and solutions reaches the forensic analytic, environmental analytic, research, and development in the biopharmaceutical industry and the in-vitro diagnostic.



Verein Toolpoint for Lab Science
c/o Unitreva AG
Gewerbestrasse 12
CH-8132 Egg



Calender 2018

Verein Toolpoint for Lab Science, c/o Unitreva AG, Gewerbestrasse 12, CH-8132 Egg
Office Winterthur, St. Gallerstrasse 57, CH-8400 Winterthur | info@toolpoint.ch