Innovation & Technology

Innovation potential constitutes central, the most important factor for the competitiveness of the Lab Science industry. Toolpoint, with its various activities, provides fertile grounds in support of innovations.

Well proven Toolpoint-Prozess builds solid basis for joint Technology Projects:

Grafik Prozess Graphic Toolpoint-Process: incorporates joint launch of Roadmaps (upper graph) and 1:1 need-clarifying feed-back dialogues with the members (lower graph).  Final results summarised in an anonymous form are presented to the members, and in case of sufficient interest, projects are implemented.

Clarification of Members' Needs

  • The Expert Group Technology, which, among others, initiated the Roadmap for the Life-Science-Tool-Branch, deals on a regular basis with general external developments, and analyses its impact on the Life-Science Industry.
  • Toolpoint Management conducts the so called 1:1 feed-back dialogues with the members to capture specific needs of each member company.
  • The results of the 1:1 feed-back dialogues and the derived trends from the Roadmap-Teams are anonymously summarised and further presented to the members.
  • This clarification process allows for identification of common needs and interest in a specific project. Inporating into the process academic institutions and external companies has as an objective knowledge and technology transfer.

The majority of projects are confidential and involve only the concerned firms. On the other hand, jointly worked on technical standards and SOP's as well as the standardisation initiative SILA, are publically available. 

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Knowledge and Technology Transfer 

Toolpoint regularly organises events promoting knowledge and technology transfer:


Toolpoint stages regular Technology Information platforms, the so called TTIP's (Toolpoint Technology Information Platform) in form of visits and presentations at the universities and partner companies with the view to accelerate knowledge and technology transfer and to contribute to vertical integration of the industry. 

ICT After Work Talks

The  ICT After Work Talks include lectures, discussions and networking activities on industry relevant information and communication technology topics.

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