Cluster Expansion

Focussed on Lab Science, Toolpoint has as its core members, producers of liquid handling tools.
However, to enhance competitiveness of its core members, Toolpoint - a vertical industry cluster, incorporates various organisations along the entire value added chain: institutions of higher education, suppliers, and producers, with the respective: member, supplier, or academia status, as well as clients on a project basis.

This clearly promotes integration of new technologies and processes, with the implication of  know-how gain for the entire cluster. Reciprocally, members with the supplier or academia status, enjoy easy access to the core members.

The following Toolpoint services promote cluster expansion:

Research Initiatives in Cooperation between Academia and Toolpoint-Members:

Toolpoint supports cooperation of its members with Academia by: 

  • maintaining regular exchange with Academia
  • supporting project initiatives of the universities
  • disseminating research, studies and diploma theses
  • carrying out on a regular basis R&D projects with universities and second tire institutions of higher education

Sustaining International and Cluster Transgressing Relations and Exchange

Toolpoint promotes cooperation of its members with other clusters by:

  • regularly providing information about activities of other clusters
  • actively maintaining cooperation with System X
  • being a member of: Life Science Zürich, Swiss Biotech Association and ELRIG.
  • developing active contacts to organisations in the USA and in the Far East.

Spin-off/Start up-Support

Toolpoint supports founding and build-up of Spin off's and Start up's by:

  • finding a suitable financing partner
  • granting preferential membership terms to young entrepreneurs
  • supporting young entrepreneurs in their dealing with public bureaucracy

Toolpoint remains in close contact with CTI Invest (Platform for Young Entrepreneurs) and with the prominent universities and second tire institutions. 

Interesting  Links for Start ups and Spin offs

General Information/Federal and Cantonal Promotion Programmes

State sponsored and private support

Events and Network 

Location Marketing

Together with various city and cantonal offices, Toolpoint successfully supports settlement of firms in the region. This resulted already in numerous, new Greater Zurich Area - based companies.

Calender 2018

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