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Both network sustainability among the members, and research are of paramount importance on the Toolpoint agenda. Personal contacts often result in cross-company projects. Availability of thorough information about companies (held in confidentiality) can be beneficially used by Toolpoint Management to bring together potential partners.

Toolpoint uses the following instruments to promote research and network sustainability:

The CEO-Event which takes place annually and is devoted to current topics of importance to the cluster, offers a networking platform specifically for major decision makers

Delegates' Meeting
Delegates' Meeting carried out bi-annually offers to the participants an opportunity to interactively exchange experience, develop ideas and seek possible synergies.

Toolpoint Sample Handling Report
The Toolpoint Sample Handling Report providing an overview about market developments and the industry's expectation status, allows for and early identification of  future trends. Also, non members may participate in the Report.

Hans Noser is in charge of the Toolpoint Sample Handling Report. 

The Networking activities of toolpoint are numerous and include: Expert Group workshops as well as a wide spectrum of events like Scientific Forum, T-TIPs, ICT After Work Talks, and more.



Hans Noser
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