Calendar 2018

For its members and interested groups Toolpoint organises a wide range of events with the objective to promote know-how transfer on all levels, and to provide networking opportunities both, internally and externally.

Scientific Forum
Toolpoint plans 3 to 5 Scientific Forums per year at which speakers, selected from among customers, universities, network partners, and other exponents from the field of technology, give presentations on current topics in the field of Lab Science.

The event held traditionally in the Hombrechtikon community hall, and traditionally culminating with an apèro, is geared, depending on the topic, to employees of the Toolpoint member companies from either: R&D departments, production or division managers.

Special ICT After Work Talks for Life Science Fields (AWT)
Staged three to five times a year ICT After Work Talks are targeted at development engineers within the member companies, who specialise in software- or system engineering. Discussions focus on Life-Science topics in the field of communication technology (ICT). Depending on the topic, the presenting participants may be members, other cooperating clusters, or enterprises with an interesting applications track record.

Technology Information Platform (T-TIP)
On Road shows organised 2 to 3 times per year, Toolpoint pays visits to Member companies, universities, and applied institutions of higher education, research institutes and other locations presenting interesting applications in the field.

CEO-Event - Top of Toolpoint
Top of Toolpoint is the annual meeting of the CEOs und division managers from Toolpoint member companies, to which also exponents from politics and economy are invited. In the afternoon participants listen to high noch presentations and the event culminates in a joint dinner.

Toolpoint meets Academia

This is a bi-annual event aiming at promoting contacts between industry and academia. Invited Institutes and Applied Technical Universities get an opportunity to present their research and achievements pertaining to selected topics. This platform allows Toolpoint members to gain an insight into the current research, and to strike valuable contacts. 

In Vino Life Science
In Vino Life Science are roundtables regularly held in various locations in the region. These informal meetings organised around selected topics, greatly facilitate know-how exchange among the participants.

Calender 2018

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