SiLA – the International Standardsisation Organisation

Lab Automation Systems become more and more prevalent in the Life-Science-Industry and at the universities, allowing for a faster, safer and a more precise sample handling in an environment of increasing complexity and  quantity of data. Missing Industry standards slow down smooth, expedient integration of equipment into existing lab systems. 
To resolve this pressing  issue, Toolpoint, the Lab Science association, founded the international standardisation organisation - SiLA (Standardisation in Lab Automation), uniting currently 30 international firms domiciled in Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, Greece, Finland, USA, and Canada..

SiLA pursues currently the following projects:

Standardised interfaces for the integration of laboratory automation installations and system components, focusing on the urgent needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

  • Standardisation of interfaces in Lab Automation installations, and for management of data generated by optoelectronic and picture processing equipment.
  • Standardisation of interface monitoring
  • Standardisation of lab ware specifications (test tubes, pipette tips, and micro titre plates)

In the meantime SiLA evolved into an independent organisation.

Further information is available on a separate web page of SiLA.

Calender 2018

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