Cluster Expansion

Toolpoint is focused on the lab science industry. All of its core members are active in the manufacture and development of liquid handling devices. 

However, in order to strengthen the individual competitiveness of the core members, as a vertical industrial cluster Toolpoint integrates the entire value chain into the network – including universities, suppliers, producers as members with supplier status, research institutes and customers on a project-specific basis.

This supports the integration of new technologies, processes and techniques, providing a boost in expertise for the entire industrial cluster. In return, members with supplier or academia status have direct access to the core members, which considerably simplifies cooperation. The following services offered by Toolpoint support this cluster development:

Research initiatives in collaboration with academia and our members

Toolpoint promotes collaboration between our members and academia by: 

  • Maintaining regular dialogue with academia
  • Actively supporting university project initiatives
  • Arranging research, studies and diploma theses
  • Regularly carrying out research and development projects with universities

International cross-cluster dialogue

Toolpoint encourages our members to work with other clusters by:

Spin-off/start-up support

Toolpoint promotes the creation and development of spin-offs and start-ups by:

  • Finding the right funding partners.
  • Granting young entrepreneurs special conditions for membership.
  • Supporting young entrepreneurs in overcoming bureaucratic hurdles.

Toolpoint is in close contact with the CTI Invest platform for young companies and key universities.

Interesting links for start-ups and spin-offs

General information/government and cantonal funding programmes

Governmental and private support 

Events and Network 

Location marketing

Together with various city and cantonal authorities, Toolpoint supports companies in moving to the region and has already won several companies for the greater Zurich area.