Lab Sciences Award

Lab Sciences Award

The Lab Sciences Award provides recognition for good and very good bachelor theses with results that are relevant to lab sciences and diagnostics. We pursue two goals with this award:

We would like to underline the importance for the long-term success of a country of providing a good education on a broad basis. This is why the award is for Bachelor’s degrees rather than Master’s or Doctoral students. 

We want to increase the visibility of the Lab Sciences. These days (almost) no products would come onto the market without technical equipment – and not just in the biopharmaceutical industry. There would neither be research and development nor quality control. 

In the age of personalised health and targeted medicine, it would be almost impossible to make therapeutic decisions without diagnostics and biomarker analytics. 

Lab sciences and diagnostics are high-tech industries and require the best people in order to secure their success. They are key growth areas. There are therefore many opportunities in these fields for self-driven employees and entrepreneurs.

Presentation Lab Sciences Award 2024 (German)

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